Re: [asa] Altruism and ID

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Date: Sun Jun 17 2007 - 17:50:56 EDT

Dave Wallace
> > Actually even for those of us who agree with Pim it probably has a
> > negative impact as well. At times, I for one, simply stop reading a
> > note from Pim when I see him getting into that mode. Yes I know that
> > probably I will miss something worthwhile but the needle is hard to find
> > in the straw.
> ]


> Yes, even when knowing there is a needle, it may be hard to find the
> 'gem'. However, expressing the simple observation that ID is
> scientifically vacuous is neither insulting nor derogatory. While some
> may express a concern that this will affect how people receive this
> news, I find the claim that it is insulting overly simplistic.

In your face evangelizing for Christ is not so simplistic
either. Does it justify the tens of thousands who eventually
tune out Christianity altogether?

"Scientifically vacuous" is impressionable, but it seem about
as off-putting as "Do you believe!!! do you believe, do I hear
it! Repent NOW! or be damned forever in the FIRE of Hell! Turn
or burn!"

It nicely fits the image that the people who do home
schooling have often have developed (falsely) of the way
evolution is taught in schools. I understand, both _your_
mission and this in-your-face preacher are important, but
I wonder what either mission really achieves when it is done
in this style.

The teachers who left the greatest impression on
me as I learned science were those who listened to my
questions and answered them straight and politely.

For the most part, I think it kills any further dialog, and
you are left like a soapbox preacher talking _at_ a crowd
who is not interested in listening anymore, or preaching in the
church where the people already know why they are there.

by Grace we proceed,

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