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From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Sun Jun 17 2007 - 07:37:31 EDT

Iain Strachan wrote:
> On 6/16/07, *PvM* < <>>
> wrote:

> Duh hardly is an insult,
> It is very much an insult. The generally accepted source of the
> expression (in my country at least) is that it imitates the sound made
> by someone who is mentally defective. In other words: "That's obvious,
> stupid!".

Duh is an insult in Canada as well and I expect also in the North East
of the USofA as they tend to be culturally/linguistically very similar
to us.

Iain Strachan wrote:
To be told what I already know, that their ideas are "scientifically
vacuous" doesn't help. As Christians we should try and treat our
brothers and sisters with respect, not repeat ad nauseam derogatory
statements, however true they may be. Pim is preaching to the choir by
repeating this mantra as if every time he says it, that it will achieve
something. It will achieve absolutely nothing, because those of us who
agree will not be affected, and those who aren't in the same choir will
simply be antagonized and insulted.

Actually even for those of us who agree with Pim it probably has a
negative impact as well. At times, I for one, simply stop reading a
note from Pim when I see him getting into that mode. Yes I know that
probably I will miss something worthwhile but the needle is hard to find
in the straw.

> wrote:

> The folks quoted seem to be
> pro-environment but anti-environmentalist. Have I got that right?
> Seems like some definition of terms is needed.

David Suzuki is probably Canada's best known popular environmental
journalist, note I did not say environmentalist as I consider the
technical definition of an environmentalist to be someone who is a
scientist speaking in his area of scientific knowledge and that field is
directly related to the environment. Suzuki was trained as a scientist
but now is a popular speaker and journalist. For many years an engineer
friend of mine has said that he would only take Suzuki seriously only
when he rides a bike to lecture on the climate in the city where my
friend lives or takes the train, both of which would be practical given
the distances involved.

<recent quote> > Environmentalist David Suzuki recently said he was
going to cut down on

the number of speaking engagements he had that required flights, and begin

grouping appearances in smaller areas.
<quote> He wrote about this earlier this month in our only national
news paper and went on to say that he had warned his friends in
Australia and New Zealand that he would only see them once a year or
less as he had recently realized that just the number of flights he was
taking was a problem even if he bought carbon credits.

I admit that my reaction was "Why on earth, did it take you so long to
figure that out?" Why should I take anything else he writes seriously,
not that it makes him wrong but I better find another source.

Dave W

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