Re: [asa] Altruism

From: PvM <>
Date: Sat Jun 16 2007 - 10:42:42 EDT

On 6/16/07, Christine Smith <> wrote:
> I would hardly call what they describe in that article
> "altruism" in anything approaching the same sense of
> the term when used to describe actions such as Jesus's
> crucifixion.

Was that an act of altruism? I have yet to hear some good arguments
that this is indeed the case. Even if it is not of the same 'level' it
still seems to be fair to ask about the non physical components in
these plants?

> And just as a point, this is the first time such a
> phenomena has been documented, so I would be
> interested in seeing additional research on the topic
> that verifies their findings and conclusions.

Of course but it shows some interesting examples of altruism, giving
us an idea how such may have evolved.

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