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I was recently emailed an AiG article that made the following two claims:
Can you point me to some names I could mention that would refute this? I
know that it is very misleading, but I like to have some more names in addition
to what I already have
If you just want quotes to counter the Barr quote, below is a website that
might be helpful. (I don't know anything about the author, but he's got quotes
from 100 people, including a number of ASA members):
There are lots of theologians who do not hold to strict 24-hour days in
Genesis. It's a bit tougher to find OT scholars, as they tend to be more immersed
in the text and less focused on integrating it with other information. But
the above site includes quotes from some notable OT scholars: Oswald T. Allis,
Gleason Archer, Herman Bavinck, John C. Collins, William Henry Green, R. Laird
Harris, Walt Kaiser, Derek Kidner, Meredith Kline, Allan MacRae, John Rae,
John Sailhamer, Bruce Waltke, Gordon Wenham, E.J. Young.


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