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From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Fri Jun 15 2007 - 12:44:39 EDT

At 12:21 PM 6/15/2007, wrote:
>As I recall Malthus work itself was not only
>descriptive but also prescriptive.¬ But modern
>culture (especially Europe) is probably shaped
>much more by Nietsche and Heidegger that by the nearly forgotten Malthus.
>I'm also a bit confused by the article.¬ The
>folks quoted seem to be pro-environment but
>anti-environmentalist.¬ Have I got that
>right?¬ Seems like some definition of terms is needed.
>Karl V. Evans

@ If you were a regular reader of my posts, you
wouldn't be confused. As the current (and
previous) pope knows ---- to be _scripturally_
pro-environment necessarily requires one to
be an anti-Marxist (mainstream/pop-culture) environmentalist.

Benedict XVI Encourages Ethical Ecology - Sends
Environment Message to Italy's Parliament ROME, JUNE 7, 2007

Benedict XVI says that the international
community needs to respect creation and promote a
green culture characterized by ethical values. ...

Manilo Sodi, theology professor of Pontifical
Salesian University, spoke about the "need to
counter the position of those who consider nature
to be above or at the same level as the human person." ..

Ricardo Cascioli, president of Italy's European
Center of Studies on Population, Environment and
Development, and Antonio Gaspari, director of the
master's degree in environmental sciences at the
European University of Rome, also spoke at the event.

The two co-authored "Le Bugie degli
Ambientalisti" ("The Lies of Environmentalists"),
published in two volumes in Italian by Piemme.

Cascioli warned against the strong inhuman and
anti-development character of the dominant
ideology of "environmentalism" that sees man as the cancer of the planet.

Gaspari recalled the encyclical "Centesimus
Annus" of Pope John Paul II in which an appeal
was made for a "human ecology founded upon the
primacy and spirituality of the human person ...
a social ecology of work mindful of the quality
of life and economic development for man, not
against him ... and an ecology of the family that
sees family as the first school of humanity and
of the humanization in the world."

~ Janice ... Take the global warming

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>From: Randy Isaac
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>Subject: [asa] Benedict XVI Encourages Ethical Ecology
>Note this release for World Environment Day¬
>last week:

>In particular, there is a call to be free from
>the conditionings of a Malthusian environmentalist culture:

>¬ "According to the president of Sorella Natura,
>Roberto Leoni, only with a new culture founded
>on Christian virtues "will the initiatives of
>legislators develop, free from the conditionings
>of a fatalist and Malthusian environmentalist culture." "

>I believe Darwin was strongly influenced by
>Malthus. Does Leoni imply that Malthus's
>observations have moved from descriptive to
>prescriptive in our culture and that we need to
>reverse this based on Christian virtures?

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