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Date: Fri Jun 15 2007 - 12:21:57 EDT

As I recall Malthus work itself was not only descriptive but also prescriptive.  But modern culture (especially Europe) is probably shaped much more by Nietsche and Heidegger that by the nearly forgotten Malthus.

I'm also a bit confused by the article.  The folks quoted seem to be pro-environment but anti-environmentalist.  Have I got that right?  Seems like some definition of terms is needed.

Karl V. Evans

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Subject: [asa] Benedict XVI Encourages Ethical Ecology

Note this release for World Environment Day last week:


In particular, there is a call to be free from the conditionings of a Malthusian environmentalist culture:


 "According to the president of Sorella Natura, Roberto Leoni, only with a new culture founded on Christian virtues "will the initiatives of legislators develop, free from the conditionings of a fatalist and Malthusian environmentalist culture." "


I believe Darwin was strongly influenced by Malthus. Does Leoni imply that Malthus's observations have moved from descriptive to prescriptive in our culture and that we need to reverse this based on Christian virtures?



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