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From: gordon brown <gbrown@Colorado.EDU>
Date: Thu Jun 14 2007 - 22:56:10 EDT

On Thu, 14 Jun 2007, David Buller wrote:

> I was recently emailed an AiG article that made the following two claims:
> "Professor James Barr, professor of Hebrew at Oxford University agrees that
> the words used in Genesis 1 refer to 'a series of six days which were the
> same as the days of 24 hours we now experience', and he says that he knows
> of no professor of Hebrew at any leading university who would say
> otherwise."
> and
> "
> Commentators universally understood Genesis in a straightforward way, until
> attempts were made to harmonize the account with longs ages and then
> evolution. "
> Can you point me to some names I could mention that would refute this? I
> know that it is very misleading, but I like to have some more names in
> addition to what I already have
> Thanks,
> David


Augustine, in The City of God, suggests that it might be impossible for
humans to imagine what is meant by the days of Genesis 1. There is at
least one of Hugh Ross's books that has some quotes from early church
fathers. They were puzzled about what a day would be before the creation
of the sun. Also some thought that the first day might have been a
different kind of day from the others since in the Hebrew it is called one
day rather than the first day.

Gordon Brown

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