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David -

I'll point out just one error in AiG's use of Barr's first statement. The fact that words are used in a certain way within a story tells us nothing at all about whether that story is to be read as straight history, as some sort of figurative account, or as an outright falsehood. In the well known story about George Washington, "cherry tree" means a real tree, "hatchet" means a real tool with a sharp blade &c. But the events in the story didn't really happen, although the tale was intended to convey some truth about Washington's character.

Note that I'm not saying that this story provides a close parallel to the genre of Genesis 1. I'm just pointing out that in trying to understand Genesis AiG fell on its face right out of the starting blocks.

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  I was recently emailed an AiG article that made the following two claims:

  " Professor James Barr, professor of Hebrew at Oxford University agrees that the words used in Genesis 1 refer to 'a series of six days which were the same as the days of 24 hours we now experience', and he says that he knows of no professor of Hebrew at any leading university who would say otherwise."


  Commentators universally understood Genesis in a straightforward way, until attempts were made to harmonize the account with longs ages and then evolution. "

  Can you point me to some names I could mention that would refute this? I know that it is very misleading, but I like to have some more names in addition to what I already have



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