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Page 8 of THE CHRISTIAN CENTURY for June 12, 2007, has an article on
Jerry Falwell by William Willimon, a Methodist bishop. Willimon relates
how he once invited Jerry to speak at Duke when he was chaplain there. It
is an interesting article, and portrays Falwell favorably as he spoke to
a hostile audience, beginning with hisses and ending with a warm ovation.

Falwell may have been wrong on some issues; he was, none the less, a
great man.

Recommended reading. The article is titled CHARMS OF AN IDEOLOGUE.

This issue also has a short editorial on ID and a longer article by J.
Scott Turner on ID. His article ends with: "...we have affirmed the
principle that a federal judge ... can dictate what is and what is not
science, and what may or may not be taught in a classroom. Forgive me if
I do not feel more free." Turner, a biologist, does not affirm ID but
also does not see it as a threat to biology or education.

He writes of one Edward Cope (19th century paleontologist), who framed
the question: How, precisely, do organisms become well-crafted -- fit --
things?"To Cope, the way out was purposefulness. Willimon sees ID as only
one of multiple emerging critiques of materialism in science. He argues
that neo-Darwinisn's principled banishment of purpose seems less
defensible as the years go on.

Good reading, whether one agrees or disagrees.


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