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Date: Wed Jun 13 2007 - 14:39:46 EDT
What is interesting about the report you referenced is that they are trying to make the case that inflammation, that is the bodies natural immune response, can cause regression in tumors.  In the case they report the patient had a febrile illness and during this time his weight improved, and his cancer antigen dropped.  Unfortunately a few months later he had a relapse and died.  But they go on to report that in earlier times spontaneous remissions were more common, and speculate that perhaps it is our use of immunosuppresive drugs that has led to spontaneous remissions become rare.

On Wed Jun 13 14:05 , "Chris Barden" sent:

Ted -

So far as I have been able to uncover, there are only three medically
documented instances of spontaneous regression/remission of pancreatic
cancer. (See for example ) Perhaps
your friend's wife was another of the unreported cases. Doctors
haven't delved into the wherefores of such turnarounds, and medical
researchers are only now beginning to, but you're right -- I'd be
prepared to call such a thing a miracle.


On 6/12/07, Ted Davis <> wrote:
> The wife of one of my friends was diagnosed several years ago with
> pancreatic cancer. Within a year or so, it was entirely gone without to my
> knowledge having been treated medically--she expected to die. This is the
> only case of this sort that I personally know of. Was it simply a
> misdiagnosis? (There was something there, and there were real symptoms, but
> physicians are no more imfallible than the rest of us.) Was it a genuine
> healing, apparently miraculous? I doubt we will ever know. The blind man
> didn't know how Christ healed him, either; he was simply more than glad of
> it.
> Ted

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