Re: [asa] Altruism and ID

From: PvM <>
Date: Sat Jun 09 2007 - 16:59:47 EDT

On 6/9/07, Gregory Arago <> wrote:
> "The challenge still remains for you to not-dodge: Please give me some
> evidence that a concept is a biological entity. If a concept is not a
> biological entity, then I will be pleased for you to just admit that,
> instead of dodging once again." - Arago
> "Duhh..." - Pim
> Does duhh... mean YES, concepts are not biological entites?
> Please just answer directly. The other parts of this 'discussion' will have
> to wait until you 'step up to the plate,' to use an American baseball
> expression. There seems to be no point engaging in dialogue if one will not
> answer questions put to them or express their tentative or long-held
> opinions.
> Let me stand again by the recommendation that you use Christian sources
> (scientific, philosophical or theological) for your arguments about altruism
> rather than falling back on Wilson, Trivers, Dawkins, et al. or even Ayn
> Rand. After all, this would provide a more direct link between the mission
> of ASA and the topic you are interested in learning more about than from
> quoting atheistic, materialistic and naturalistic views of altruism.

Why? I found that quoting from scientific views of altruism tends to
help my argument. Now I understand that Christianity has a long
philosophical tradition in this area and it would indeed be
interesting to see if Christian perspectives can be reconciled with
science but that's for a later discussion I believe.
Understanding the origins and evolution of altruism is my direct interest.

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