Re: [asa] Altruism and ID

From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Sat Jun 09 2007 - 15:22:52 EDT

"The challenge still remains for you to not-dodge: Please give me some evidence that a concept is a biological entity. If a concept is not a biological entity, then I will be pleased for you to just admit that, instead of dodging once again." - Arago

"Duhh..." - Pim

Does duhh... mean YES, concepts are not biological entites?
  Please just answer directly. The other parts of this 'discussion' will have to wait until you 'step up to the plate,' to use an American baseball expression. There seems to be no point engaging in dialogue if one will not answer questions put to them or express their tentative or long-held opinions.
  Let me stand again by the recommendation that you use Christian sources (scientific, philosophical or theological) for your arguments about altruism rather than falling back on Wilson, Trivers, Dawkins, et al. or even Ayn Rand. After all, this would provide a more direct link between the mission of ASA and the topic you are interested in learning more about than from quoting atheistic, materialistic and naturalistic views of altruism.
  G. Arago

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