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From: David Campbell <>
Date: Fri Jun 08 2007 - 12:26:30 EDT

> More on Behe's book
> Sean B Caroll in Science
> EVOLUTION: God as Genetic Engineer Sean B. Carroll
> The Edge of Evolution The Search for the Limits of Darwinism by Michael J. Behe
> And Behe's argument against the
> evolution of flagella and the immune system have been
> dismantled in detail (13, 14) and new evidence
> continues to emerge (15), yet the same old assertions
> for design reappear here as if they were uncontested.
> </quote>

15 is the problematic PNAS paper previously discussed on the list.
Behe's argument leaves much to be desired, but so does that paper.

>At any rate, I'm glad that Behe doesn't shy away from opposing the
antiquity of the earth or common descent (like Dembski). It's rather
interesting; The Edge of Evolution is unlikely to be warmly embraced
by the scientific community. At the same time, I doubt I'll see it
in our church bookstore!
What do the rest of you think?<

If you buy into the false dichotomy of "my godly view versus evil
atheistic evolutionists", then it's easy to categorize people into
either group by selectively choosing and ignoring details. Thus, if
you want to produce a long list of famous scientists who purportedly
endorse creationism (or a book about spiritual lives of composers,
etc.), you can easily pad the list by including anyone who says
anything positive about "God". Behe's views on common descent and on
the age of the earth can be seen in Darwin's Black Box and in other
comments, but he's against "Darwinism" and thus is clearly a
creationist hero who proves that every species was created separately.
 Conversely, anyone who disagrees with my view clearly proves himself
to be some liberal unbeliever, like those liberals who wrote The
Fundamentals. (Claims that Behe shows all species are created
separately and that the old-earth position endorsed by Orr in The
Fundamentals reflects the liberals influencing that publication are
directly from my experience.)

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