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From: Thomas Robey <tom_robey@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Jun 07 2007 - 20:47:16 EDT


I understand it is normal to give a little
introduction when you show up for the first time on
this list, and since I have a short incubation,
thought to write one for the benefit of interested
parties, including myself. Skip over this if it is
too long. (By the way, how many are on this list?
Have you ever considered a discussion board format?)

I am an MD/PhD student at the University of
Washington. I'll defend my bioengineering PhD in
September, and then have two remaining years of
medical school. I previously studied bioengineering
and the history and philosophy of science at the
University of Pittsburgh. As far as my future is
concerned (usually I say, "when I grow up" at this
point), I would like to combine clinical care with
ethics, policy or philosophy dealing with science and
medicine. I am hoping to find an academic home that
will enable this sort of combination.

I am an ASA member and attend Seattle's University
Presbyterian Church. I am of the opinion that science
is an excellent way to evaluate the Creation, but that
human existence has elements that need different
approach. For me, a personal relationship with God
helps to balance the uncertainties of calling and
relationships with the empirical descriptions of the
world. Sometimes I question miracles and I adopt
metaphoric interpretations of parts of the old
testament. For example, I do not believe Genesis was
a scientific account.

My current research involves improving the
applicability of cell therapy to heart disease. If
cardiac repair (or any other regenerative treatment)
is to work, the transplanted cells will need to
survive better than we currently can manage, and the
cells must not be walled off with scar. The model
that I am using involves transplanting human embryonic
stem cell derived cardiomyocytes into infarcted rodent

I write almost daily entries in my science ethics and
policy blog, and appreciate readers' comments and
dissenting opinions. It seems like this lot could
provide some of both for me. The url is:
I can also be found at www.fosep.org, the website of a
science ethics and policy group that I am involved
with in Seattle.

I guess that's all I have to say, and my timepoint is
nearly ready.

I look forward to our discussions.

thomas robey

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