[asa] McGrath debates with Dawkins.

From: Iain Strachan <igd.strachan@gmail.com>
Date: Thu Jun 07 2007 - 19:48:54 EDT



It's a 70 minute, unedited transcript of the interview between Richard
Dawkins and Alister McGrath for the Channel 4 series "Root of all evil".
None of the interview got included in the program. However, the video,
which is linked from richarddawkins.net appears to be considered important
enough by Dawkins to make public.

It's a pretty well-balanced and good humoured debate, during which neither
side really can be said to have gained the upper hand, but during which both
sides offered a reasoned debate.

Someone posted this on "Christians In Science" under the thread title
"McGrath slaughters Dawkins once again". However this puerile bit of
triumphalism is far from the truth. Though it's long, it's well worth

For Pim's benefit, to show that I'm not always a rabid Dawkins-hater, I
think he comes over in this interview as much more gracious and reasonable
than he does in his book.


After the game, the King and the pawn go back in the same box.
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