Re: [asa] Brownback on evolution

From: PvM <>
Date: Thu Jun 07 2007 - 12:34:56 EDT

> Regrettably, the mainstream ID movement resembles creation science in
> using bad science, bad logic, and bad theology and thus does not
> belong in science class because it's wrong.

But wrong science or non-science is not prohibited from being taught.

> Regrettably, current legal climate in the U.S. tends towards exclusion
> of religion, restricting free speech. Creation science and Johnson or
> Dembski style ID do not belong in schools because they are wrong, not
> because of their religious motives. By the reasoning of the court, it
> is legitimate to ask if physics would be excluded from schools if a
> religious group came out endorsing it.

The legal climate is to exclude unnecessary mingling. If there exists
a secular motive/reason/purpose then that may be sufficient to allow
the introduction of items which also have an incidental religious

There is no logical reading of the court's reasoning which can lead to
the idea that if a physics concept were introduced by a religious
group, it would be excluded.

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