Re: [asa] "Certainty" in Theology

From: Matthew Van Hook <>
Date: Wed Jun 06 2007 - 15:29:38 EDT


Could you expand on your comments on the emerging church? I've seen the
"emerging church" or "postmodern" movement mentioned a few times on this
discussion list and am interested to hear thoughts on why most of us might
shy away from it. I did a bit of reading into it a while ago (Don Miller and
Brian McLaren mostly) and haven't thought about it too much since then. I'd
still be curious to hear the perspectives out there. Thanks!


Quoting David Opderbeck:

> I suspect most of us with a bent towards studying faith-science questions
> would experience some discomfort over the proposition that our faith claims
> can be known with "certainty." I'm guessing many of us would also be
> uncomfortable with the label "postmodern" and might shy away from the
> "emerging church." Most of us probably are "critical realists" of a sort
> -- with the "critical" part meaning that we would reject claims to
> "absolute, final certainty" based on human observation and reason.

Matthew J. Van Hook
Graduate Student
Brown University, Department of Neuroscience
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