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PvM wrote:
> Maybe I fail to appreciate your argument. Are you saying that
> detecting a cypher is an example of 'intelligent design' because we
> have to use methods to unravel the code? But if the mapping is
> captured by regularity and chance then how can this be seen as
> intelligent design? Remember, ID is that which remains when regularity
> and chance processes have been eliminated.
> So how do you see encrypting message as somehow relevant to ID? What
> am I missing?

ID as it is (and has been) used, promoted, popularized and hyped --- nicht.

> > Perhaps though, the hardness of their situation may help
> > them open a real field of mathematics... who knows. Why
> > must we always have the attitude that we must "stamp out!"
> > everything we don't agree with? ......
> ID would be irrelevant if it were not for the fact that IDists are
> still proposing ID as a serious scientific alternative, and combined
> with ID's dangerous theology I believe it behooves us to expose it for
> what it really is.

Perhaps I spoke too soon.

Be careful though. If we start working this way, then
I reckon the same reasoning can be used to say that
_all_ Christians should be stamped out because of
what a few turkeys in our ranks say and/or do.

By all means, IDs weakness should be exposed. I agree
with you there. But it is important for sincere individuals
to draw their own conclusions. Somehow, I don't feel like
this is going on anymore in a lot of places.

by Grace we proceed,

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