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But doesn't the Church accept the possibility of _multiple fulfilment_ in respect of a given prophesy? With respect, I think you need to read Isaiah 29:14 _in context_. It appears to me that the preceding verse and the two succeeding verses are a pretty fair description of specific ills with which we are currently all too familiar.

By the way, there is nothing futile in my programme. In the true and honoured traditions of science I have made observations, performed analyses, and arrived at fair and reasonable conclusions which demand supernatural explanations. I'm therefore surprised that you - a scientist - should attempt to discredit my modi operandi. The real reason, I suspect, is that you don't believe in miracles!



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  Like most others on this list I have long since given up trying to convince Vernon of the futility of his program but now I have to point out how far it has in fact led him from the Gospel. In I Corinthians 1 Paul states clearly how God has fulfilled the promise of Isaiah 29:14, which he cites explicitly in vv.18-19 as referring to "the message about the cross." That fulfillment came about by God's action and revelation in "Christ crucified, a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles." This of course has nothing to do with Vernon's mathematical fantasies.

  No Vernon, I will not get into any discussion with you about this and will not be impressed by any frantic backpedalling you may engage in to try to excuse yourself. The best course for you at this point is simply repentance.

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    Forum members,

    Like myself, you may from time to time have wondered how the Lord would fulfil His promise to 'destroy the wisdom of the wise' (Is.29:14) - both openly, and decisively. How would He manifest His power in such a manner as to convince all rational creatures (including Richard Dawkins et al) of His Being and Sovereignty? No simple task, you would say, in a world like ours. But an answer to these questions now appears to be emerging. Using resources hidden, from the beginning, at the beginning of His word to man - the Judeo-Christian Scriptures - He has provided, in our day, what must now (in the absence of any reasonable _naturalistic_ explanation) be generally acknowledged to be a _standing miracle_.

    I draw attention to yet another independent facet of this miracle in the page "A Substantial Difference" which may be found at


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