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Sure, let me (re)-introduce myself. My name is Pim van Meurs and my
background includes a Master's degree in physics (control system
dynamics) and a PhD in Physical Oceanography.
I enjoy learning about new ideas and feel strongly about scientific
issues. As a graduate student I was exposed to YEC for a short
duration which has caused me great concern about science and religion.
I believe it to be of importance that I as a Christian present as much
as an accurate scientific picture as possible or at least present a
picture which I am willing to support with facts, supporting data etc,
as accuracy or lack thereof is not only detrimental to the scientific
argument but also detrimental when people see scientific ignorance
being promoted as science by religious people. As such I have grown
fond of St Augustine's position on these matters.
Some people may see my position as that of a devil's advocate which is
incorrect. I try to avoid proposing ideas which I personally do not
support, what I do however is to point out when others make strawman
arguments about what opponents (such as Dawkins) believes or not

I am in other words a Christian and a scientist.
Hope this helps


On 6/4/07, Michael Roberts <> wrote:
> I do value knowing something about other people on this list as well as
> their particular skills and interests. It is good to know that Stephen Krogh
> is a fellow cyclist, Dave Siemens likes annoying the English etc. And that
> Terry's a good Calvinist and George a Lutheran etc.
> Michael
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> Folks,
> > David Clunch asked:
> > David Horowitz puts his name at the bottom of his posts. So do I.
> > But who is PvM?
> If you look at the archives of ASA, Pim has been posting since 1997. He
> then signed his name as Pim van Meurs. He is also very active on Panda's
> thumb (which is an advocacy group - see
> Some posts would indicate that a Pim van Meurs is a physics person but
> on Panda's thumb, while other posters have biograph's Pim's is:
> Pim van Meurs [Bio pending.]
> I would love to have him tell us something about himself and his faith.
> He seems to avoid those questions. It helps to know where a person is
> coming from and to know the person better. You could for instance
> discount my posts since I teach at a smaller Christian College or
> conversely know that I might know something about fossils with a PhD
> from a major university in the area of Paleobotany (Palynology).
> But there may be good reasons for him to avoid those topics but if there
> are just say it brother.
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