[asa] Pandas and people

From: Ted Davis <tdavis@messiah.edu>
Date: Mon Jun 04 2007 - 16:31:50 EDT

I respond to one point of David's, as follows:

But Pandas and People is a creationist book, not an ID book. Which is
of why the judge went the way he did...the sneaking in of a creationist
was deceptive. My point here is the Scottsman reporter completely missed
that fact and reported the book as an ID book. (Actually I don't really
if the book is ID related or pure creationist, I've just read in the press
elsewhere it was a creationist book).

Ted comments:
I could write volumes on this if I had time, which alas I don't.

Bottom line: Pandas is *both* a creationist *and* an ID book. What exactly
do I mean? It was written/revised by both YECs and IDs, using concepts that
both groups mainly agreed on. If you look really hard, you can find a
couple of places where there are implications about the earth being old--but
in other places even this is muted or left open to question (and only YECs
really question it). Some leading IDs were associated with this book, and
that political activity (ie, working with YECs on a common project that
didn't stray too far from core YEC ideas) sealed the political fate of ID.
Certainly it sealed the legal fate, as far as we have it.


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