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David Clounch: <quote>But Pandas and People is a creationist book,
not an ID book. Which is part of why the judge went the way he
did...the sneaking in of a creationist book was deceptive. My point
here is the Scottsman reporter completely missed that fact and
reported the book as an ID book. (Actually I don't really know if the
book is ID related or pure creationist, I've just read in the press
elsewhere it was a creationist book). </quote>

It surely was portrayed as an ID book,

<quote>Book Description
Of Pandas and People gives evidence for intelligent design from
origin-of-life studies, biochemistry, genetics, homology, and
paleontology. In a unique manner, Of Pandas and People gives the pros
and cons of both the biological-evolution theory and the
intelligent-design concept. Pandas promotes a widely recognized goal
of science education by fostering a questioning, skeptical and
scrutinizing mindset. This supplemental biology textbook provides an
extensive index, glossary, references, and suggested reading and
resources to help familarize the reader with the material. Pandas is
enhanched by the use of numerous diagrams, charts, illustrations and
full-color pictures.</quote>


Second, Pandas offers a different interpretation of current biological
evidence. As opposed to most textbooks, which present the more-or-less
orthodox neo-Darwinian accounts of how life originated and
diversified, Pandas also presents a clear alternative, which the
authors call "intelligent design." Throughout, the text evaluates how
well different views can accommodate anomalous data within their
respective interpretive frameworks. As students learn to weigh and
sort competing views and become active participants in the clash of
ideas, you may be surprised at the level of motivation and achievement
displayed by your students.</quote>

The Discovery Institute

In October, 2004, the Dover Area School District in Pennsylvania
decided to make available as a supplementary textbook, "Of Pandas and
People" which discusses the theory of intelligent design. According to
the district superintendent, the text is not a required part of the
curriculum but will be available to students or teachers who want to
use it as a reference in biology class, particularly during the
discussion of evolution.</quote>

Pandas and People showed a remarkable evolution from creation via
cintelligent designism to intelligent design. Check out the work by
Nick Matzke

PS: Crazy people like PvM? Do you understand how silly this sounds?

PPS: PvM is Pim van Meurs

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