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Date: Sun Jun 03 2007 - 19:34:48 EDT

PvM wrote:

> Let's also realize that scientism is not necessarily a philosophical
> mistake, it's a philosophical variant of positions which range in a
> wide spectrum. It surely seems far less of a philosophical mistake
> that YEC (which denies scientific findings that contradict a
> particular restricted reading of the Bible) or ID which relies on our
> ignorance to find evidence of 'design'.

I'm not sure what you mean by "mistake". It is making a
strong metaphysical assumption. Now, if the metaphysical
assumption is true, then, it is not a "mistake".

But if we look at it this way, then YEC thinking is not
a "mistake" either. Maybe we all arrive in heaven and God
is laughing and has a good explanation for all the things
we've discussed that make the YEC perspective seem absurd,
unnecessary and theologically questionable to us.

I'm not clear where ID fits in the picture. It's vagueness
in all categories makes it difficult to pin down. But if
we can put the stamp "true" on it, I guess the same could
be said of it.

I am inclined to argue that whether it be YEC or scientism
that dominate legislative and executive powers, I would
see little difference in the damage done to intellectual
independence and the damage done to science.

by Grace we proceed,

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