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From: Alexanian, Moorad <>
Date: Sun Jun 03 2007 - 13:28:02 EDT

There is a drastic difference between, say, Newton or Einstein-Hilbert's
theories of gravitation and evolutionary theory. The former theories
have a rather well limited demarcation, viz.; it applies to the
attraction of objects with mass or energy. The latter is quite
opened-ended and so purports to apply to just about everything. For
instance, some would claim that all that is could be reduced to biology,
which in turn can be fully determined by physics and chemistry. That is
quite a claim!


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On 6/2/07, David Clounch <> wrote:
> PvM says
> >When
> religious people try to apply disclaimers to science, why just to
> evolutionary science? No this is not about science, it's about the
> discomfort of some with science's conclusions.
> Folks, the entire ASA, as far as I know, are religious people. And
> are not applying disclaimers to science.

I am very well aware that the ASA, or at least the people who post to
the ASA are religious people and are not applying disclaimers to
science. But that is not what I was stating. I said, when religious
people apply disclaimers to science, why just evolutionary science?

> Yes, the creationists, in various flavors, often do such a thing. But
> are speaking of multiple overlapping sets of people. Nobody can paint
> accurately with such a broad brush.

Which is why my brush was quite narrow...

> So PvM has just mischaracterized the entire audience. Its like
> black people beat their wives. What? Thats offensive. I know
> who attack all of science. And others who attack none. And not
everybody is
> a creationist. And non-religious people apply disclaimers to science
> What a crock this discussion is.

Indeed, and I wonder why you insist on such silliness such as accusing
me of mischaracterizing the entire audience (ignoring your somewhat
thoughtless 'analogy')

> Legitimate questions asked in good faith will be answered in due
> Stupidity will be ignored. If someone who is a member of the ASA wants
> disagree with me, I am up for it.
> But this isn't the kansas citizens for science hate group.

Brushing with a broad stroke?

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