Re: [asa] Carol Hill's Worldview Approach

From: David Buller <>
Date: Fri Jun 01 2007 - 22:28:30 EDT

Putting it as succinctly as possible, this is how I would describe the
position between the Hill and Seely appreaches. Seely says that the basis
of the flood story is merely a myth; Hill says that the basis is in an
actual flood. Worldview approach, basis in reality; accommodation, basis in

Hill would say (and I totally agree with her) that the the flood story
represents a real event, recounted through the eyes of the biblical authors
who observed it. Their views and literary stlyes color their interpretation
of the event, but it is still a "true" account.

We would only encounter a contradiction if we interpret the flood account as
universal, scientific language, rather than the pre-scientific
limited-perspective language that it was written in. This is, by the way,
how the YECs try to counter the local-flood view, rather than recognizing
that they are reading it from a different perspective than it was written.

Yes, the accommodation and worldview approaches are similar, but the
question "What is the basis of this account?" will draw the important

-David Buller

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