Re: [asa] Re: Ditch Darwin ....and The Arty Side Of Creationism

From: David Buller <>
Date: Thu May 31 2007 - 21:18:53 EDT

On 5/30/07, (Matthew) Yew Hock Tan <> wrote:
> Unless you accept that God has perfect freedom to act - even if it means
> violating the laws of nature he established. But then, that is no longer
> evolution, but creation.

On the flip side of the coin, we should recognize that God has perfect
freedom to act *within* the laws of nature that He established. After all,
how does God act today? But then, that is creation *and* evolution.

> The obvious law of nature: bacteria always beget bacteria.

Macroevolution does not claim that bacteria ever beget apes in *one
generation*. To make this claim is to set up a strawman argument.
Macroevolution merely claims that bacteria can beget slightly different
bacteria, those bacteria can beget slightly more different bacteria, and so

> If bacterium suddenly begets a fungus or any multi-cellular organism,
> that violates the obvious law of nature.

If you are trying to refute macroevolution, could you please present me with
merely *one* evolutionary publication that says that a "bacterium suddenly
begets a fungus or any multi-cellular organism" in *just a few *generations?
Thank you; I really appreciate it (but good luck).

 Another obvious law of nature: random mutations + natural selection ->
> microevolution.

Have you ever wondered what happens organisms continue to "micro-evolve" for
an extremely long period of time? Where is the brick wall where it all
stops (so as not to result in macroevolution)?

David Buller

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