Re: [asa] Re: Ditch Darwin ....and The Arty Side Of Creationism

From: Jack <>
Date: Wed May 30 2007 - 06:41:00 EDT

Matthew said:

"It is certainly not obviously true that RM+NS transforms bacteria into humans over deep time. That's why this is so controversial and contestable."

There is also no evidence against it either.

And, there is ample evidence of common descent. The evidence for common descent, if one chooses to look into it with an open mind, is convincing. There are multiple lines of evidence for it, and most recently with the accumulation of genetic information, the evidence is overwhelming.

You also clearly do not understand what Darwinism is saying. Darwinism does not say that a bacteria begat a fungus, or some other multicellular organism. What it says is there is some random mutation in a bacteria, and this mutation makes it more viable than its brothers, and it passes it on to its offspring. Over time only those bacteria with the beneficial mutation remain. And you repeat these micro steps billions of times, over millions of years. Perhaps one mutation makes the individual cells clump together, and another allows them to share information between each other and collection of multiple cells. A couple of simiple steps, but now do you have two bacteria or a single multicelled organism, or something in between?

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