Re: [asa] Neal Adams expanding earth theory

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Tue May 29 2007 - 22:43:41 EDT

Karl wrote:

> I don't dispute Charles's dismissal of an expanding earth, but I do
> want to point out that the idea as applied to geology was stoutly
> defended and promoted into the 1990's by S. Warren Carey -- a first-
> rate geologist. He singlehandedly established a well-respected
> geology department at the University of Tasmania, taught at Yale
> for a while, and received the Geological Society of America's
> Career Contribution Award for a lifetime of excellent science. He
> was no lightweight.

As it turns out, I met Carey at the University of Rochester when I
was there as a PhD student. He was invited for a visit by Curt
Teichert, a geologist and paleontologist of international reputation,
who was still teaching at UofR when he was 80 years old. Carey was
an early supporter of Alfred Wegener and continent drift. He was an
interesting character.


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