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Another statement which is correct but misleading

<quote>Swiss Alps - Abstract. Since the culmination of the Little Ice Age,
Alpine glaciers have been in a state of general retreat.</quote>

The question is not if glaciers have been retreating but if their
retreat has been accelerating during the 20th century's increased
heating. Whether or not one accepts human causes of the warming, it
seems self evident that such heating should come with its effects.

<quote>Extracting a Climate Signal from 169 Glacier Records
J. Oerlemans

I constructed a temperature history for different parts of the world
from 169 glacier length records. Using a first-order theory of glacier
dynamics, I related changes in glacier length to changes in
temperature. The derived temperature histories are fully independent
of proxy and instrumental data used in earlier reconstructions.
Moderate global warming started in the middle of the 19th century. The
reconstructed warming in the first half of the 20th century is 0.5
kelvin. This warming was notably coherent over the globe. The warming
signals from glaciers at low and high elevations appear to be very

Influence of climate change over the 20th Century on four French
glacier mass balances C. Vincent

<quote> From these results the 20th Century may be divided into four
periods: two steady state periods, 1907 1941 and 1954 1981,
during which the mass of glaciers remained almost constant, and two
deficit periods, 1942 1953 and 1982 1999, marked by a sharp
reduction in glacier mass. Regarding mean ablation at 2800 m asl, a
22 W m

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