[asa] Re: Ditch Darwin ....and The Arty Side Of Creationism

From: Matthew) Yew Hock Tan <tanyewhock@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue May 29 2007 - 01:59:10 EDT

  I apologise for not paying attention to your "offlist" label and ineptly posted your private mail "onlist".
  I have already said biological evolution cannot be compared to technological evolution, and by implication cultural evolution. This is so obvious that I see no need for further elaboration.
  There can be no "absolute" position against (Darwinist) biological evolution. It is a legitimate scientific enquiry and scientific position. That does not mean it is necessarily true or well supported by evidence.
  As to my not returning to answer the "challenges" in the "Ditch Darwin..." thread, the simple answer is that I was asking a series of questions there.
  [asa] Ditch Darwin To Advance Theory of Evolution, says Professor of Evolutionary Biology
  Re: [asa] Ditch Darwin To Advance Theory of Evolution, says Professor of Evolutionary Biology
  Answers have been given, and "challenges" presented, and I have reflected upon them, and am still reflecting on some of them. You can rightly say that I was unprepared to answer those "challenges", and have no answer to those challenges yet. Meanwhile, I am also trying to answer those questions I posted -- by reading up and exploring alternative theories.
  So, I give you my asssurance that I will come back.
  (For a while, I was also hoping and waiting to see more responses to my questions. But it is now clear that no more responses were forthcoming).
Gregory Arago <gregoryarago@yahoo.ca> wrote:
    Hello Matthew,
  Glad to have you engaging issues here, instead of avoiding questions. The thread I sent you, however, was labelled 'Offlist,' which means it is meant as a personal correspondence and not posted to the ASA list. In the future, please respect the posting guidelines that distinguish personal from public posts.
  Since my questions to you are now public, it would be great if you would be willing to answer them. The obsession question can be dropped for now, if you would be willing to say why biological evolution cannot be compared with technological evolution. Are you suggesting that 'men (and women!) of science' can be said to 'culturally evolve'? If so, should I and other be led to believe that you accept the metaphor (i.e. linguistic signifier) of 'evolution' for cultural, economic and technological things, but (absolutely) not for biological things?
  Please excuse the directness, but last time you didn`t return to answer the challenges made to your apparently ID-arguments.

"(Matthew) Yew Hock Tan" <tanyewhock@yahoo.com> wrote:
  and participants of the "Ditch Darwin..." thread
  I wil find time to answer all of you in the "Ditch Darwin..." thread.
  Do I "so abhor and campaign yourself against" evolution?
  The cartoons are just for fun and they are artistic expressions - part of the cultural "evolution" of men of science.
  Biological evolution cannot be compared with technological evolution.
Gregory Arago <gregoryarago@yahoo.ca> wrote:
  Please excuse the simple question. Since you've chosen to selectively answer questions posed to you at ASA, let me ask this basic one: Are you by any chance obsessed with evolution?
  Let me also ask, do you accept 'technological evolution,' as does W. Dembski, or 'economic evolution' as does G. Gilder? If so, is it just 'biological evolution' that you so abhor and campaign yourself against?
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