Re: [asa] High School Genius & Her Science Project

From: PvM <>
Date: Mon May 28 2007 - 18:54:20 EDT

More typical climate denial nonsense

<quote>What Al Gore did not mention, and what is very well known
throughout the scientific community, is that higher resolution studies
of the same ice cores revealed that the temperature changes came first
then were followed by changes in CO2. (Mudelsee, 2001; Clark, 2003;
Vakulenko et al., 2004)</quote>

Yes, most scientists know this and see

Yes, this student surely knows how to repeat these 'facts' but it's
too bad there was no time for actual research into these matters.

She mentions Eric Steig as being critical on a minor issue while
avoiding the fact that Steig is on the record

<quote>Dr. Eric Steig, a geochemist at the Univ. of Washington*
recently reviewed Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" for
and gave it pretty good marks:

"For the most part, I think Gore gets the science right, just as he
did in Earth in the Balance. The small errors don't detract from
Gore's main point, which is that we in the United States have the
technological and institutional ability to have a significant impact
on the future trajectory of climate change….Gore's aim is to change
that viewpoint, and the colleagues I saw the movie with all seem to
agree that he is successful." </quote>

Need I say more?

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