[asa] High School Genius & Her Science Project

From: Janice Matchett <janmatch@earthlink.net>
Date: Mon May 28 2007 - 17:41:43 EDT

This is a good one to pass on far and wide! ~ Janice

Al Gore: Fisked By A High School Genius

I have a masters degree and a total of 60 hours of grad study under
my belt. I have 38 years experience in the mental health field and a
fairly good understanding of science and the scientific method. Woody
and I have written over 50 posts on the Global Warming issue, some
serious, some humorous. I have read countless articles on global
warming, both in the scientific literature (both pro and con) and in
various blogs (both pro and con). Woody and I have jousted with GWTBs
(Global Warming True Believers) in numerous posts and a number of
different blogs. And yet, never, NEVER, NEVER


have I come across such a delightful and factual fisking of OWLGORE
and his Inconvienent Truth than a young lady doing a high school
science project which she posted on the internet.

If you don't do anything else this week, read this excellent post and
ponder the intellect that must be behind it. Kristen Byrnes, you will
go far young lady.

Ponder the Maunder http://home.earthlink.net/~ponderthemaunderg/index.html

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