[asa] Ditch Darwin ....and The Arty Side Of Creationism

From: Matthew) Yew Hock Tan <tanyewhock@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun May 27 2007 - 19:02:52 EDT

  and participants of the "Ditch Darwin..." thread
  I wil find time to answer all of you in the "Ditch Darwin..." thread.
  Do I "so abhor and campaign yourself against" evolution?
  The cartoons are just for fun and they are artistic expressions - part of the cultural "evolution" of men of science.
  Biological evolution cannot be compared with technological evolution.
Gregory Arago <gregoryarago@yahoo.ca> wrote:
  Please excuse the simple question. Since you've chosen to selectively answer questions posed to you at ASA, let me ask this basic one: Are you by any chance obsessed with evolution?
  Let me also ask, do you accept 'technological evolution,' as does W. Dembski, or 'economic evolution' as does G. Gilder? If so, is it just 'biological evolution' that you so abhor and campaign yourself against?

"(Matthew) Yew Hock Tan" <tanyewhock@yahoo.com> wrote:
  A repost. With the URLs.

The ASA message board does not work with embedded HTML. So, the URLs have to be listed separately for those reading this from ASA message board.

Evolution of the Computer Man

Devolution of Obese Man

Evolution Endless Forms

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