[asa] Teaching Skills of little value

From: Dave Wallace <wdwllace@sympatico.ca>
Date: Sat May 26 2007 - 15:56:26 EDT

Freeman, Louise Margaret wrote:

> One depressing aspect of this affair for me is that I've heard no one, pro or con,
> comment at all about what kind of teacher he is... apparently both sides acknowledge that's
> not a significant factor! (Grrr... but I'll save my rant about lack of appreciation about that for
> later. Suffice it to say I'm glad I'm not in a major research institute!)

While I would strongly agree that teaching ability is important, it
seems that at many of the modern universities it has little importance
except possibly at the graduate level. My son in law (who has a phd in
Chemistry), while out of work and looking for a full time job, was hired
to teach an undergraduate course in physics. The money came from the
research budget of a tenured professor who wanted to spend the time on
his research and not on teaching. While visiting my daughter, I read in
the local paper that most (75% range as best I recall) of the
undergraduate courses are taught by part time staff who are paid roughly
1/3 to 1/2 of what a tenured professor would get. Teaching seems to
have a very low priority in at least some state universities.

Dave W

(Have been away two weeks without email.)

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