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>NPR has a good article and interview with the
>He makes some good points about this country .." ~ Pim

@ On the one hand you claim that it is impossible for you to know
absolute truth, yet you use the word, "good" and agree with a
paranoid, "Blame America First" incoherent, bitter loser (who also
suffers from BDS) that "reason" is being assaulted. ".. When I state
that there is no such thing as absolute truth, I mean that even if it
were to exist, we would never be able to know that it did." ~ Pim van
Meurs Sat, 11 Mar 2006 Re: Alliance for Science

Could anything be funnier? It would make a perfect parody skit for
the Sunday night 1/2 hour News Hour on Fox.

I'd write it up as a "Three Stooges" parody featuring these clowns:

James Hansen, Deepak Chopra, and Algore planning to "End the war on

Deepak appears on Al Gore's cable TV venture Current

And "The young staff of reporters, producers and hosts includes
Gotham Chopra, son of self-help guru Deepak Chopra and Laura Ling
(Channel One News, MTV).

Deep, deep Deepak I am unfamiliar with the phenomenon of Deepak
Chopra, but I didn't have to read more than a sentence or two into
Kay Miller's account of his recent visit to the Twin Cities to hear
the echoes of the Confidence Man, of the Duke and the Dauphin, and of
Elmer Gantry, all in a New Age guise. - Scott

"One problem with the postmodern world is that even if people do
believe that truth exists, they often have a very limited conception
of what it entails -- basically empirical or rational truth. ... As
we have noted before, if intelligence does not know truth, then it is
not very intelligent. ... [like] the solipsistic and narcissistic
realm of the new age fantasists such as Deepak and Co. ... No, I
haven't actually read any of Deepak's crass and vulgar books, only
the grotesque and evil things he pens on Huffingtonpost; that he is
capable of such alternatively sinister or crazy thoughts proves that
Truth is not operative in him and that his books can only be harmful
and certainly devoid of grace. ...he is a paranoid, anti-American,
barking moonbat with a terminal case of BDS. A recent
sample: [snipped sample] ...For Deepak, America, not radical Islam,
is at the forefront of death and destruction. .....He's also a crude
anti-Semite of the Jimmy Carter variety; thus, Israel's recent
defensive war against Muslim barbarians "was an exercise in pure
arrogance, a devastating assault on a defenseless neighbor, with the
pretext being the capture [not kidnapping!] of two Israeli soldiers."
....Like the rest of the left, he actually wants America and Israel
to lose. Like I said, evil. A Rosie by any other name would smell as
foul. Can you even imagine the bottomless ingratitude of this windy
Hindi? ~ The Truth About the Truth About Truth Saturday, May 26,

More proof of their sickness (currently manifested in BDS): Here:
and here:

"When I speak with people I have the feeling that I can perceive
their limitations physically; I see their limits almost tangibly
before me and feel oppressed by the awareness that there is no entry
and no key to their darkness, and that for them there is no exit." ~ Schuon

  I am eager to know how many readers have also felt this, for I
certainly do. In dealing with someone, there is a sort of
instantaneous -- and oppressive -- intuition of the exact limits of
their horizons. Interestingly, it has nothing to do with education.
More often than not, the highly educated person has simply
internalized an officially sanctioned set of limits, beyond which
their minds cannot venture.

They are hemmed in by their education, not liberated by it. Imagine
the frustration of dealing with the typical New York Times reader or
NPR listener -- just incredibly narrow limits masquerading as
sophistication. .."

Sunday, December 31, 2006 Take it to the Limitless One More Time

"...Lewis notes
that in Britain, a recent BBC survey revealed that "the greatest
philosopher of all time is considered to be... Karl Marx? A
hate-filled parasitical scribbler who spent his life in the British
Museum, stoking the fires that killed 100 million people in the 20th
century? What is wrong with British education that the plain facts do
not shout out for themselves?"

Respectfully, I think it's the wrong question to ask "what is wrong
with British education." Instead, I think we have crossed the line
into genuine soul pathology -- not psychopathology, mind you, which
may or may not be copresent, but a disease of the human heart.
Indeed, I believe the heart must be diseased to embrace such a
profoundly inhuman and anti-human ideology. Marxism is not human, but
specifically demonic -- even, one might say, the quintessence of
demonology, in that it is the the last word in fallen man's
promethian rejection of reality, whether it is economic reality,
historical reality, psychic reality, or suprasensible reality.

One of the most salient characteristics of the Left is that it is
peculiarly incapable of learning.

In my lifetime, it has been ridiculously wrong about virtually
everything, but it is as if facts and reality don't matter. The same
people who were trying to convince us of manmade global cooling in
the 1970's are now trying to convince us of manmade global warming.
The same people who argued for our unilateral nuclear disarmament in
the 1970's and 1980's are now telling us that it didn't matter that
Saddam would have undoubtedly acquired nukes or that Iran and other
terrorists are on the brink of doing so. The same people who
successfully curtailed nuclear power plants in America are now
insisting that we must be "energy independent" and that we are only
in Iraq for the oil. The same people who argued that Reagan's tax
breaks would destroy the economy have, like everyone else, enjoyed
the unprecedented economic growth of the past 25 years, and yet,
still want to raise taxes. The same [....] party that accommodated
southern racists for decades continues to argue that race is
all-important and that government should be engaged in the task of
dividing people by race and gender and giving special privileges to
some. And of course, the [.....ic] part is now the main repository
and champion of mankind's most ancient and vile prejudice, anti-Semitism.

Lewis agrees that "The fact that the Left never, ever learns gives
the lie to all its high-falutin' claims of 'idealism,'
'progressivism,' and superior morality." Yes, but why are they never
blamed for their failures? Why does the bill never come due? Lewis
provides one obvious key: the left "still controls the organs of
propaganda.... Thus some 90 percent of our media functionaries are
left wingers. A predominant percentage of professors and teachers are, too."

It's the same old Marxist idea: "who controls the past controls the
future; who controls the present controls the past." Lewis points out
that "To hold on to their beliefs leftists must shut down any
competing ideas, which is precisely what they do. Just take your
favorite leftist friends, and tell them some obvious fact they don't
want to hear. You can see it working right in front of your eyes:
They just won't hear it.... As long as they control the dominant
media, our society will keep teetering at the brink of destruction."

One of the greatest conceits of the Left is that they are
"intellectually curious," "open-minded," or "reality based," when it
would be difficult to find minds more parochial, narrow-minded, and
self-enclosed than those responsible for the idiotorial pages of the
New York Times, or NPR, or CNN, or virtually any MSM outlet.

It is even worse in Europe, where their press is not nearly as free
as ours and there is little access to competing views such as talk
radio. As Lewis notes, European thought is absolutely stifled by the
Left, which "doesn't see any respectable alternative [to itself]...,
since conservatism is constantly and deliberately confounded with
fascism." And since these hidebound and intellectually inbred
reactionaries live in such an echo-chamber, "if one fairy-tale of
Earthly Paradise is seen to crash, another one must instantly take
its place." Thus, "the commissars of Post-Modernism and
Multiculturalism suddenly rose to power all over the West in the
1970s and 80s. The faithful had to find a new way to justify their idee fixe."

Lewis notes the patent irrationality of this "mental fixedness," and
again wonders why they would continue "peddling the same toxins." Why
are they stuck?

Again, in my view, this is not a psychopathology but a
pneumapathology -- a disease of the soul. This is why psychology is
powerless to explain it or to do anything about it. In a way, it is
analogous to addiction, another problem of the soul that psychology
is generally powerless to alter. I don't know if it's the same way
now, but when I was in graduate school, I was even taught that it
would be unethical to try to treat alcoholism with psychotherapy
alone. By far the most successful approach is the 12 step program,
undoubtedly because it addresses the underlying soul pathology at the
heart of addiction.

Perhaps we need a 12 step program for leftists, Apparatchiks
Anonymous. [12 steps snipped]

Click here: and scroll down to:

Thursday, December 21, 2006
Announcing a New 12-Step Program for the Left: Apparatchiks Anonymous
~ Robert W.Godwin [Gagdad Bob] , Ph.D is a clinical psychologist
whose interdisciplinary work has focused on the relationship between
contemporary psychoanalysis, chaos theory, and quantum physics.

~ Janice .... who knows that the above-referenced _far out_
mentalities would actually think this guy is a moderate "like them":

"In the words of theologian Thomas Torrance, "The fact that the
universe expanded in such a way that the emergence of conscious mind
in it is an essential property of the universe, must surely mean that
we cannot give an adequate account of the universe in its astonishing
structure and harmony without taking into account, that is, without
including conscious mind as an essential factor in our scientific
equations.... Without man, nature is dumb, but it is man's part to
give it word: to be its mouth through which the whole universe gives
voice to the glory and majesty of the living
God. ..." [snip]

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