Re: [asa] gonzalez' citation record

From: PvM <>
Date: Sat May 26 2007 - 12:13:50 EDT

You can limit yourself to papers written in a given timeframe and
calculate the h factor. For example 2002-2006 versus 1998-2002.
Compare the amount of papers before 2002 with the amount of (yearly)
papers afterwards.

Surely there are better or more relevant statistics to understand the
value of G's work than just a number like h=20 or normalize h=13 or
350% exceeded?

See for some top h-index
candidates. There is no reason to limit the calculation of h-index to

Also, publications per year

2007 1
2006 3 (excludes text book)
2005 2
2004 2
2003 10
2002 7
2001 4
2000 6

Web of Knowledge has many of the tools to do all these 'experiments'

> Look at the publications before and after 2002 and calculate the h factor
> This doesn't make sense. The h-factor is cumulative with your lifetime
> publications. If you look at any subset of your life, even the most
> fruitful subset, then the h-factor will probably be less for the
> publications published in that period of time.
> Phil
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