Re: [asa] Nature on Gonzalez Tenue

From: Todd Pedlar <>
Date: Fri May 25 2007 - 22:32:46 EDT

PvM wrote:

> Ah right 'dishonestly' and your reasons for making this conclusion is
> what? Are you sure you have exhausted the possible explanations?
> On 5/25/07, <> wrote:
>> David,
>> I think it is far worse than even this. In their faculty petition they
>> even made up their own definition for methodological naturalism, in
>> which
>> they basically discarded the qualifier "methodological" and described
>> philosophical naturalism instead. Strictly according to their
>> definition,
>> anyone who is not a philosophical naturalist (i.e., anyone who
>> believes God
>> did anything at all) cannot be a scientist. But they dishonestly
>> kept the
>> word "methodological" in front of "naturalism" when they gave this
>> definition. Science was defined by the word "methodological" in
>> front of
>> "naturalism" for a reason, and they should know that! Either they
>> are being
>> dishonest, playing a shell game to make people think that science is
>> something that it never has been, or they are just ignorant
>> anti-theists who
>> don't understand science themselves, or they were being so zealous in
>> their
>> attempt to get at Gonzalez that they became sloppy and failed to
>> notice what
>> they were writing.
Phil was being a little inconsistent there, since he said "dishonestly
and then later gave three options for their incorrect usage of
'methodological naturalism'. You could give him a little more grace, as
he (ultimately) did in his three options.


Todd K. Pedlar
Assistant Professor of Physics
Luther College

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