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Date: Fri May 25 2007 - 20:58:05 EDT

Ah right 'dishonestly' and your reasons for making this conclusion is
what? Are you sure you have exhausted the possible explanations?

On 5/25/07, <> wrote:
> David,
> I think it is far worse than even this. In their faculty petition they
> even made up their own definition for methodological naturalism, in which
> they basically discarded the qualifier "methodological" and described
> philosophical naturalism instead. Strictly according to their definition,
> anyone who is not a philosophical naturalist (i.e., anyone who believes God
> did anything at all) cannot be a scientist. But they dishonestly kept the
> word "methodological" in front of "naturalism" when they gave this
> definition. Science was defined by the word "methodological" in front of
> "naturalism" for a reason, and they should know that! Either they are being
> dishonest, playing a shell game to make people think that science is
> something that it never has been, or they are just ignorant anti-theists who
> don't understand science themselves, or they were being so zealous in their
> attempt to get at Gonzalez that they became sloppy and failed to notice what
> they were writing.
> Phil
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> I noticed that too.
> I'd like to ask about the definition of ID contained in the Iowa State
> statement.
> Where in the literature do ID advocates define ID that way?
> I mean, if Iowa State disavows a view, isn't it encumbent upon the
> institution to at least demonstrate that what they are disavowing actually
> exists? Can that be done in this case? Where, in any ID literature, does
> the claimed definition of Intelligent Design exist?
> I suspect they may have made up their own definition, and are disagreeing
> with themselves. Thats fine, but, why would a University participate in
> that?
> I could be wrong, perhaps the ID literature is chock full of the alleged
> definition of ID.
> Does anybody here know?
> Thanks,
> David Clounch
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