[asa] The Assault on Reason' in America

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Date: Fri May 25 2007 - 20:56:21 EDT

NPR has a good article and interview with the veep

He makes some good points about this country

The point of this book is that our nation is so shockingly vulnerable
to such crass manipulation. And it's happening over and over again
the censorship of scientific warnings about the climate crisis; the
warrantless mass eavesdropping on American citizens; the overturning
of a prohibition against torture that was laid down by General George
Washington; and the fact that there is so little protest or outcry
points to the much deeper problem not of just the culpability of those
in the White House at the present moment, but at the fact that we are
so vulnerable to these mistakes and that we allow them to occur with
hardly any impressive outcry of resistance or protest.</quote>

and ends with

<quote>Well ... I'm involved in a different kind of campaign myself
to make sure that the climate crisis is the number one issue on the
agenda of candidates in both parties. And I know that sounds like an
unrealistic goal right now, but I will wager that by the time the
elections of November 2008 come around, it will be the number one
issue in both parties.

Q: And you think that you'll have something to do with that, making
sure that that happens?

Yeah, yeah, God willing.</quote>

Read an excerpt at

Do we have 'free will' or are we indeed a victim of manipulation.

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