Re: [asa] gonzalez' citation record

From: Freeman, Louise Margaret <>
Date: Fri May 25 2007 - 17:06:28 EDT

  Gonzalez's design arguments are essentially the same
> ones
> made by Francis Collins in "The Language of God," essentially the same
> ones
> made by Owen Gingerich in "God's Universe," essentially the same ones
> made
> by Stephen Barr in "Modern Physics and Ancient Faith," essentially the
> same
> ones made by Simon Conway Morris in "Life's Solution," and so on. This
> guy
> is arguing that it's ok to write about the implications of science for
> a
> popular audience, *but* *only if the discussion excludes any notion of
> teleology*. Expressing *any* notion that the remarkable properties of
> life
> and the universe reflect design -- even while accepting that life and
> the
> universe can also be explained in terms of "natural" causes -- is
> grounds
> for ostracism by the scientific community.

I just started Collins book and have not read the others, so it's hard to comment directly, but I
would say there is a pretty clear line between the standard "the universe contains features that
cannot be explained except by an Intelligent Designer" and the "I believe a Creator designed the
universe but science is not the way to search for evidence of Him" The former typically stress
the "gaps" of evolutionary, old earth and common descent theories while the latter stress their
explanatory power. The DI generally likes the first but not the second; most science
departments are embarassed / feel threatened by the first but have little problem with the
Having heard Francis Collins speak, I would put him in the second camp. If I recall correctly,
the blogger I quoted is also a theist and would probably also agree.

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