Re: [asa] gonzalez' citation record

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Fri May 25 2007 - 13:07:27 EDT


Stop treating us like idiots, please.

So what, if several of GG's publications while he's at ISU are related to
work he did as a postdoc? So what? Is is supposed to stop publishing
things he's already been working on, simply b/c he arrives at ISU? Drop
everything else you've been doing, young man, forget everything you've
already learned; go out and do brand new things, it's ok with us if it takes
a few years before you're ready to write them up, we're fine with that. We
just want to make sure that ISU gets full and sole credit for all of your
brand new ideas, and we know you'll have them.

Do you understand how stupid this type of argument looks, Pim?

When you publish a text with Cambridge in 2006, something tells me that
you've spent a lot of time working on in 2004 and 2005. We're supposed to
think that work on that text was not an important intellectual product? Or,
that he had no important role in it? Or, that it doesn't get credited to

Once again, Pim. GIVE IT A REST. Come back when you actually have
something relevant to say, and stop trying to trash a publication record
that is far more than adequate to get tenure at a major research university.
 Enough of this bovine excrement, in the meantime, thank you.

I admit I'm losing my patience at this point. I'll try not to post again
today. It's getting harder and harder for me not to see this type of thing
as simply personal attack on an excellent junior scientist, motivated by
deep distaste for his views on design. Why should I not see it that way,
Pim? Where is your objectivity, concerning his publications and citations?


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