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From: David Campbell <>
Date: Fri May 25 2007 - 12:56:41 EDT

> Note that, once again, any reference to teleology is being conflated with
> every ID argument and every sort of creationism and is called "antiscience."
> Gonzalez's design arguments are essentially the same ones made by Francis
> Collins in "The Language of God," essentially the same ones made by Owen
> Gingerich in "God's Universe," essentially the same ones made by Stephen
> Barr in "Modern Physics and Ancient Faith," essentially the same ones made
> by Simon Conway Morris in "Life's Solution," and so on. This guy is arguing
> that it's ok to write about the implications of science for a popular
> audience, but only if the discussion excludes any notion of teleology.
> Expressing any notion that the remarkable properties of life and the
> universe reflect design -- even while accepting that life and the universe
> can also be explained in terms of "natural" causes -- is grounds for
> ostracism by the scientific community.

At least some of the others have critiqued the antievolutionism
component of ID and have in turn been criticized by prominent ID
advocates. Gonzalez is more popular with the Discovery Institute,
though I know nothing of his views on such matters. On the other
hand, the average scientist probably doesn't know the difference
between the ICR, the DI, and the ASA.

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