Re: [asa] gonzalez' citation record

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Fri May 25 2007 - 12:43:38 EDT

Give it a rest, Pim.

Papers published in 2005-7 (of which he has several) aren't going to be
cited nearly as often, yet, as those published in earlier years. It's so
obvious that I should not have to say this. My point is that his work is
being cited all the time, now, and much more now than in earlier years. 40
citations thus far in 2007, with the average for 2002-6 being around

I am obviously not defending any comments from TDI. Nor would I defend
those from PT, for that matter. I'm giving factual information from a
highly reliable source. Citations don't get invented by someone to suit a
given political purpose. And yes, I am suggesting that TDI and PT tend to
spin information in certain directions. My "spin" is the truth, whatever
the truth happens to be.

A further comment on recent work. I see that the text, Observational
Astronomy, was first published in 1991 and authored by Scott Birney alone,
published by Cambridge. The second edition (2006, also cambridge) adds
Gonzalez and David Oesper as authors. I do not know the details about this
book and gonzalez' contribution to it, but this much is clear and should be
obvious. (1) Birney was born in 1926. To publish a new edition 15 years
later, two much younger scientists join with him, one a junior scientist
(Gonzalez) and one a second-career science educator (Oesper) with much less
professional experience in astronomy than Gonzalez. You have to think that
Guillermo did a lot of the work updating this book, and Cambridge isn't
exactly a backwater publisher of science texts, so you have to conclude that
this is a major intellectual product on Gonzalez' c.v. If something like
this by itself isn't worth two or three good articles, then there is no
justice in academic credentialing. (And I understand that some would say
exactly that. There are those, for example, who think that major scholarly
editorial projects are not worth much acadamic credit, either. Many don't
agree with that view, but others do. I speak from experience.)

Again, Pim, give it a rest. And, please try to provide a satisfactory
response--a response that would satisfy a neutral person with no personal
interest in Gonzalez' situation and without a vested interest either way in
ID--to my point about the absence of petitions vs Dawkins and company on
their campuses and the presence of one spearheaded by the advisor to the
campus atheist group on Gonzalez' campus. That's a salient fact, Pim, and I
think you keep trying to explain it away.


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