Re: [asa] Focus on the Family supports the YEC nonsense

From: Carol or John Burgeson <>
Date: Thu May 24 2007 - 13:36:33 EDT

Gordon observed: "I don't see that Focus on the Family takes a specific
position on the
science (emphasis on the word science) issues involved here."
We obviously read the email differently. The email uses pejoratives to
describe one side -- acceptance of the YEC nonsense as "science."
If I would give equal time to both science and AIG nonsense, in a sense I
would be endorsing the YEC position. Might as well give equal time to the
Flat Earthers.
The email is designed to associate the dreaded "left" with attacks on
AIG's "science." It does a good job, I think, of appealing to the naive

Ham is quoted as saying: "What is incredible about all this is that this
group called DefCon is supposed to be defending the Constitution," he
told CitizenLink. "They say that you can have freedom of speech, freedom
of religion but you're not allowed to say that science supports the
Bible." Apparently Ham thinks that this means that anyone who calls
AIG's claims nonsense, and tries to persuade others of this claim, is
attacking the constitution. Whew! I guess that, under this misguided
mindset, some of us here are attacking the constitution!
I would wish that, if Dobson really endorses science, he would say so and
disavow AIG, ICR and other YEC positions. AFAIK, he has not done this.
David O. commented that Dobson was "friendly" to Hugh Ross. The late
Jerry Falwell was also described (by Tony Compolo) as being at all times
"friendly and a gentleman" and I have no reason to doubt this
characterization of both him and Dobson. This has 0 to do with whether
(or not) they are seriously in error on some issues.

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