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Date: Wed May 23 2007 - 17:45:44 EDT

There used to be a nut case on a geology usenet group, sci.geo.gology who did nothing but stir up trouble with his version of the expanding earth theory. He was a physicist and his arguments were an unintelligible blur of physics jargon. Here's a webpage for one of his "inventions".
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MessageIt's not very impressive. He thinks matter is created in the center of all planets &c by pair production. Where do the gamma's come from?

P. Jordan developed a gravitational theory back in the 40s in which the gravitational constant decreases with time & this was supposed to lead to an expanding earth.

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  I just had this link forwarded to me, along with someone's poor attempt at a young earth interpretation of the theory. This is an interesting presentation by Neal Adams, which argues that the earth is expanding and this provides a better explanation for the separation of the continents and seafloor spreading than the conventional Pangea, etc. I suspect there is quite a lot implied by this theory that contradicts observation, but I was curious if anyone has researched it.

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