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From: Charles Carrigan <>
Date: Wed May 23 2007 - 16:50:10 EDT

I've never taken the time to "debunk" this simply because it is so silly. Subduction zones are real, plain and simple. Besides the obvious global Earth mass & gravity problems.... contraction rates at subduction zones are similar in order of magnitude to spreading rates at ocean ridges; seismic tomography of the mantle shows recently subducted slabs still foundering down into the depths of the mantle; bits of ocean crust that pre-date Pangea, now emplaced in the continents as ophiolites are known all over the world... just off the top of my head... I'm sure there are a thousand other reasons why this junk is as absurd as anything from the RATE group.
hopefully that's enough to continue to pull the wool over your eyes and keep the tectonics conspiracy alive,
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is no less than a serious subject of regret."
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>>> "Jon Tandy" <> 5/23/2007 2:19 PM >>>
I just had this link forwarded to me, along with someone's poor attempt at a young earth interpretation of the theory. This is an interesting presentation by Neal Adams, which argues that the earth is expanding and this provides a better explanation for the separation of the continents and seafloor spreading than the conventional Pangea, etc. I suspect there is quite a lot implied by this theory that contradicts observation, but I was curious if anyone has researched it.

And for some more information,
Jon Tandy

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