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Can you explain how design is 'science'? Is intelligent design
science? Is it scientifically fruitful? I'd love to hear how such a
conclusion is reached?

On 5/22/07, David Clounch <> wrote:
> I'd like to offer a quote from Paul Davies:
> "The other main problem with Intelligent Design is that the identity of he
> designer need bear no relation at all to the God of traditional monotheism.
> The "designing agency" can be a committee of gods., for example. The
> designer can also be a natural being or beings, such as an evolved supermind
> or supercivilization existing in a previous universe, or in another region
> of our universe, which made our universe using supertechnology. the designer
> can also be some sort of supercomputer simulating this universe. So
> invoking a superintellect as the levitating super-turtle is fraught with
> problems."
> Paul Davies, The Cosmic Jackpot, p 265.
> Whatever we may think of the various options offered by Paul Davies, the
> most interesting part of his description (of where the design comes from) is
> the option for the designer to be "natural". Not only natural, but a part
> of our cosmos. Not a "supernatural" option as claimed by the crowd at Iowa
> State. One might be tempted to ask whether the signers at Iowa realize
> that their first task, in order to maintain credibility, is to show where
> Davies is wrong. I don't see where they deal with the issue.
> -David Clounch
> PS, I am sitting here right now with a sophomore from Iowa State. Believe
> me, he is affected by this nonsense in the name of science. As is my son,
> who is a junior in physics at University of Wisconsin. Both of them believe
> design is religion, not science, because ignorant people say so.
> From: David Campbell <>
> Date: Thu May 17 2007 - 11:20:39 EDT
> Another problem is that a lot of Intelligent Design claims are
> scientific, but wrong. (Even Paul Nelson has made this point.) Thus
> it's not true to say it's necessarily not science. Some of ID is not
> science, but not all of it.
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