Re: [asa] Muggings and the tenure process

From: PvM <>
Date: Tue May 22 2007 - 00:00:49 EDT

The DI finally put the ISU department guidelines online

<quote>The following guidelines for promotion to the various ranks
with respect to evaluation of
excellence in research are intended to define typical cases; they do
not set absolute numerical standards, but rather illustrate what
experience has shown to be the usual case. In the Department,
persons appointed to the faculty rank of instructor ordinarily already
possess the Ph.D. degree. For promotion from instructor to assistant
professor, clear promise of excellence in research is required, as
demonstrated typically by six papers of good quality, either published
or accepted by refereed journals. What is stressed is the promise of
the research effort, presumably foreshadowing a national reputation.
For promotion to associate professor, excellence sufficient to lead to
a national or international reputation is required and would
ordinarily be shown by the publication of approximately fifteen
papers of good quality in refereed journals. For promotion to
professor, attainment of a national or international reputation for
excellence in research is expected, and would usually require at
least thirty published papers of good quality in refereed journals.
It should be emphasized, however, that subjective judgment is
involved in all of these cases; promotion with fewer papers than
indicated above, or non-promotion with more, could occur based upon
the Committee's evaluation of the research involved. </quote>

See also
for how the Di is treating these issues.

Sometimes I wonder about the veracity of the often heard statement
"with friends like these..."

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