Re: [asa] RATE fraud (Was RATE's Radioactive Thourium Plot)

From: Randy Isaac <>
Date: Mon May 21 2007 - 08:54:30 EDT

Now that I have access to the RATE book, here are a few sentences from page 182 and 183 where the heat problem is discussed in relation to radiohalos in granite. Andrew Snelling is the author of this chapter.

"The survival of the Po isotopes and formation of these Po radiohalos places a severe timescale limit of six to ten days on the cooling of granitic plutons from 400deg C or more down to the ambient temperatures...This results in the problem of removing the enormous quantity of heat involved...within six to ten days. Such removal requires heat dissipation at least six orders of magnitude greater than currently postulated by conventional wisdom. However, the existence of the Po and U-238 radiohalos together, if generated concurrently, implies nuclear decay had to have been accelerated, by probably at least six orders of magnitude during the Flood year. The enormous amount of heat generated by this accelerated nuclear decay adds considerably to the heat problem...Thus the adiabatic temperature rise = 22,400K...which is sufficient, of course, to vaporize a granitic pluton many times over!...However, the reality of the existence of the Po and U-238 radiohalos in biotite crystals in granitic rocks is evidence that removal of all this heat has not been an insurmountable problem if there has been accelerated decay. Incredible amounts of heat must have somehow been removed rapidly by a process or processes that we have not yet discovered or understood, for otherwise these rocks and the radiohalos in them would have been vaporized."

Then he proceeds to refer to Humphreys' work as a possible solution.

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  The RATE team does worry about the energy dissipation a lot. They even calculate what the temperature of the earth would likely be if the energy were dissipated solely by known thermodynamic means. I don't have the book with me right now so I couldn't double check but I recall something in the tens of thousands of Kelvins. Their own conclusion was that the earth would have evaporated.

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