Re: [asa] RATE fraud (Was RATE's Radioactive Thourium Plot)

From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Sun May 20 2007 - 18:56:09 EDT

On 5/20/07, George Murphy <> wrote:
> <discussion on unstable induced nuclei noted and snipped>

But then I realized that the whole exercise is pointless. If you're going
> to change the basic physical interactions to produce such accelerated decay
> then everything is up for grabs. The RATE people can say that the
> accelerated decay rates were accompanied by some phenomena X which keeps the
> induced radioactivity from being a problem.

Yes.. they could but surely it's fundamental that nuclear decays result in a
release of energy? Hence if you increase the rate of decay by by a factor of
10^12 (my estimate of 1 day vs 4.6bY) , then the energy released would go up
by this amount & hence like a huge number of nuclear bombs going off.
Phenomenon X can't account for the energy discrepancy? Though I concede
that magic can ..

Incidentally does anyone know if the RATE people address the issue of energy


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